New Work: The Nest at 1324

August 30, 2018 at 2:55 pm


Leveraging a Robust Digital Media & Brand Ambassador Strategy to Lease a Luxury Student Housing Building in Philadelphia

The Nest at 1324 is a luxury off-campus student housing building near Temple University. Designed by renowned Cecil Baker, this building offers students a more luxurious living option.

Munroe was engaged to develop a brand, leasing materials, website and marketing strategy, within a 6 month time frame, before leasing began. With a goal to lease the 192 units before the end of the 2018, Munroe developed a 4-month integrated marketing strategy, with a heavy use of digital media and brand ambassadors. From a digital standpoint, Munroe developed and tested a digital campaign that will launch across website retargeting, behavioral targeting and Temple specific venues. Additionally, various SEM campaigns will be employed to target students and parents seeking Fall 2019 housing.

A unique brand ambassador campaign, led by Temple students, will also creating buzz and supporting the lease up efforts. Brand ambassadors will promote the property via social media as well as at Temple events.

Check back soon for results of these efforts!