Inspiring the next generation with Great Oaks

Every creative knows finding inspiration on a tight deadline can be challenging. But when you’re working with change-making clients like the Great Oaks AmeriCorps Fellowship, discovering that energizing spark is easy.

The Fellowship provides middle and high school students with hands-on classroom support, a need even more critical in the wake of the pandemic. Our charge was developing two campaign concepts to recruit Fellows, recent college grads inspiring students to be their best both in and out of the classroom.

The concepts needed to capture that special relationship between Fellows and students, and they needed to be ready to go within a week. So, to get our inspiration, we turned to those who know the program best: the Great Oaks team and their former Fellows and students. Working closely with the client, we developed two concepts leveraging real Fellow and student stories that tug on the heartstrings and highlight the relationships at the center of the Fellowship.

It was an all-hands sprint to get the month-long campaign out the door, but working with such an impactful, inspirational program kept us energized along the way.

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