Branding and Indentity for Nightlight Ice Cream for AutismBrand Identity for Nightlight Ice Cream for Autism

Making a Difference That Will Last a Lifetime

Nightlight Foundation is a charity that seeks to build and manage residential solutions for adults with autism. In addition to traditional fundraising efforts, the charity owns and operates an ice cream shop that provides both a source of revenue for the foundation as well as work experience opportunities for the people they serve. With a great deal of admiration for the foundation, as well as a genuine love of ice cream, we were proud to offer our time and talent to help the Nightlight team. In addition to branding, point-of-sale signage and annual fundraising materials, we designed a custom “icicle tricycle” ice cream bike that the foundation can use for festivals, private parties and corporate events, helping them to extend their reach with a sense of fun and whimsy. Best of all? Milkshakes for life …

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