Promoting the best damn sandwich since sliced bread

When QuickChek was ready to introduce a new line of sandwiches, they asked Munroe to create a campaign that would break through the noise. And did we ever!

How’d we do it? One word: DAAAAAAAYUM!

No other word could capture a sandwich with so much swagger, so we went to town creating a powerful, fully integrated campaign executed across broadcast, out-of-home, connected TV, digital, social, and in-store ads. Our longtime friends at DavidO, Inc. helped bring our video spots to life with motion graphics magic and one of our favorite voiceovers ever.

The resulting campaign stopped people in their tracks and told them these sandwiches aren’t just good—they’re the Best Damn Sandwich in Town.

QuickChek loved it. Their customers loved it. We loved it. (Our moms? They wanted to wash our mouths out with soap.)

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