Taking BoldAge’s identity to the next level with a revamped website.

Following a bold, new messaging platform and logo exploration to authentically communicate their organization’s mission, BoldAge (formerly Beacon) needed to bring their refreshed visual identity to life. And what better way to expand their digital footprint and raise brand awareness in a competitive market than with a website redesign.

To introduce the new digital look of BoldAge, we utilized the vibrant aesthetic established from the initial brand and logo identity work. Bright, vibrant, and energetic, each branding element— from the color palette and typography to the visual identity and storytelling—showcases how they deliver bold, creative solutions to help older adults live rich, meaningful lives at home.

By developing a strong, consistent brand identity for its business that distinguishes them from their competitors, this website further establishes BoldAge as an innovator and passionate thought leader in the PACE industry. We understood how important it was for them to effectively communicate their mission in a streamlined and visually engaging way that both attracts interest from their target audiences and shows confidence that BoldAge is setting the gold standard for PACE programs.

To further increase their website reach and improve their search engine ranking, we implemented an on-site SEO strategy to help make this new website as easy as possible for search engines and users to find. The final result is a thoughtful, streamlined website that truly reflects the compassionate, mission-driven brand that BoldAge has become known for.

Take a look and explore the new BoldAge website at https://boldagepace.com/

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