New Work: NAXION

September 16, 2014 at 11:39 am

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Back in 1911, around the same time that IBM and General Motors originated, so too did National Analysts Worldwide, a provider of business decisions based on an exceptional integration of advanced research methods and target industry perspectives. More than a century later, that company needed to build a new brand to communicate relevancy, project a contemporary image and showcase its newly appointed name, NAXION.

A testament to their business knowhow, NAXION turned to longtime partner Munroe for help in creating a new brand to accompany its new name. Influenced by interviews with key stakeholders, we developed the NAXION brand identity and logo to be equally current and progressive.

To reflect those changes and maximize brand adherence and cohesion, we redesigned all of NAXION’s collateral. This included the translation of NAXION’s stationery suite, internal communications, trade show materials, folders, PowerPoint presentations and videos. At the same time, we worked to develop a robust, yet deceivingly simple, website with intuitive navigation, emblematic imagery and smart lead generation.

We also worked with NAXION to build internal and external awareness by developing visually compelling communications that introduced the new brand to clients and staff. Finally, we designed a print advertising campaign that was strategically placed in select publications. Through these combined transformations, we ultimately helped NAXION apply a fresh brand experience to its new name.

A Creative Treatment for Modern Medicine

August 16, 2014 at 11:23 am

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Due to the recent and ongoing reform of healthcare, complex challenges are increasingly compounded for providers, hospitals and health systems, insurers and even enterprises. Veteran healthcare innovator Continuum Health Alliance recognized that many of the efficiencies being mandated by healthcare reform were actually best practices they had been developing and executing as part of their business model for more than 15 years. They also realized that, because of this deep expertise, they were uniquely situated to provide next-generation solutions for population health management. Continuum looked to us for a holistic branding remedy.

To usher in a new brand for the new era at Continuum, we planned and executed a modern, comprehensive approach, diving headfirst into Continuum’s world of “platform as services” healthcare solutions.

In the early stages of our assignment, we learned that Continuum was slated to make an appearance at a fast-approaching Population Health conference at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. While the conference was only weeks away, the opportunity was too great to not have some essential brand assets in place to support and enhance the conference appearance.

Thanks to no shortage of collaboration or coffee, we reprioritized our activities to ensure the delivery of a powerful and impactful microsite and direct mail piece in time for the important event. Once delivered, we leveraged the microsite design, content and programming and transitioned those assets into a full website, complete with case studies, multiple landing pages, valuable resources and lead generation.

Over the course of the engagement, we effectively refreshed a diverse range of advertising and marketing collaterals, including online and offline collateral, direct mail and HR materials.

Needless to say, Continuum’s rebrand proved to be a breakout success, as each facet of their new image struck a balance between the disciplines of business and medicine. But above all else, the brand successfully champions the brilliance of Continuum’s innovative platform, as well as the human intelligence of the 400+ real people who make it possible.

New Work: Widener University

July 16, 2014 at 11:13 am

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Founded in 1821, Widener University has solidified its standing as a preeminent institution for higher learning. But despite its distinguished legacy, Widener, like so many other private universities, was faced with dwindling enrollment figures as a result of the nation’s weakened economy. To make matters worse, Widener’s location was struggling to overcome a reputation for crime.

To combat these mounting challenges, Widener needed a reimagined image, reinforced by expert, creative advertising and marketing solutions. That’s why their public relations firm enlisted help from Munroe Creative Partners. We collaborated to develop a high-profile ad campaign, featuring print and digital advertising via television and outdoor signage.

The campaign focused on the resulting benefits of earning a degree from Widener. The “Widener Leadership Works” mantra—developed by their PR agency, Brian Communications—emphasized the University’s success in career placement. By prioritizing its students’ ultimate destinations over Widener’s specific location, the campaign positioned the University as an academic leader in both Philadelphia and the nation.

Our creative proved to make a far-reaching impact on enrollment. The fall semester following the campaign’s launch saw the largest freshman class in history, increasing from 730 to 840. “Likely to apply” increased to 25% from 11%, applications increased by 12%, and enrollment was up across the board.

We were initially overwhelmed by the campaign’s staggering quantitative results and Widener’s impressive turnaround. However, nothing pleased us more than creating work that instilled a lasting impression and immeasurable pride in Widener’s faculty, staff, board members and students.

New Work: Brookfield Place

June 16, 2014 at 11:08 am

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Located adjacent to the World Trade Center, Lower Manhattan’s World Financial Center needed to help make an area devastated by terrorism an irresistible destination, once again. Rising to that challenge, its owner, Brookfield Office Properties, oversaw a $250 million renovation project that reimagined the 8 million square-foot complex of office, retail and public space as a workplace of the future.

In order to realize these ambitious goals, the property needed a new name and identity, as well as an alluring marketing campaign to attract new tenants and lease 2 million square feet.

As a proud part of New York’s boisterous business landscape, we were eager to develop a campaign to support brand and sales communications across the site’s three phases of redevelopment. But to successfully reposition such a big property, we knew we’d need an equally big idea. We began by appointing a new name for the complex—Brookfield Place.

To tell the story of Brookfield Place, we then developed the theme “The World is Changing,” which was reinforced with an ultramodern approach to design, juxtaposing the vibrancy of effervescent colors against the sleekness of white space and airy typography. Building upon that theme, we developed a series of invitations to “be downtown.” The high profile, high-impact campaign was seamlessly executed across print and digital advertising, direct mail and email marketing, web and video.

The campaign proved to be exceedingly effective in driving sales. Within the first three months of phase one, 350,000 square feet were leased. Shortly thereafter, an additional 350,000 square feet were leased. Currently in phase two, Brookfield Place leasing remains strong, and the site has attracted renowned luxury retail and dining tenants. We are eager to spend more time at Brookfield Place upon the completion of its third phase, which is projected for 2015.

New Work: Garden State Park

May 14, 2014 at 10:07 am

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Garden State Park, Cherry Hill’s most exciting destination, needed a new website to showcase their new luxury townhomes, apartments and condominiums as well as drive traffic to their upscale marketplace. Munroe wrote and designed the new Garden State Park website to bring all of its one-of-a-kind offerings together under one cohesive roof, while allowing each area to be unique and appealing to its audience. Utilizing gorgeous photography, our new design evokes the perfect feeling of a luxury community offering everything you need in work, play, and lifestyle

Visit the Garden State Park website here.


New Work: Beacon Trust

April 2, 2014 at 12:55 pm

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Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 8.42.43 PMScreen Shot 2014-06-02 at 8.41.13 PMScreen Shot 2014-06-02 at 8.43.47 PMA full service wealth management firm with decades of proven success, superior solutions and exceptional client service, Beacon Trust knew they needed a rebrand that would show their customers exactly who they are and what they stand for. Beacon Trust represents a new age in wealth management services, making every interaction with every customer productive, personal and meaningful – all of which their new branding conveys.


New Work: General Building Contractors Association

March 9, 2014 at 4:46 pm

GBCA website




One of America’s oldest trade associations, General Building Contractors Association (GBCA), needed to revamp their website to create a space for members to come together to advance the commercial construction industry. Munroe redesigned the complex (link) website to be more powerful, streamlined and straightforward, allowing their numerous member companies with access to proven advocacy, networking opportunities, safety services, education and training programs, all wrapped up in one skillfully designed and user-friendly location.

Visit the GBCA website here.


Success: Munroe’s 25th Anniversary Mailer!

February 15, 2014 at 4:10 pm