New Work: FamilyWize Waiting Room Video

November 29, 2018 at 2:37 pm

Since 2005, FamilyWize has been dedicated to helping improve the health and well-being of their uninsured/under insured customers nationwide by providing access to affordable prescription medication options through partnerships with community groups, health care providers and pharmacies.

Recently, FamilyWize had the opportunity to develop waiting room videos in partnership with United Way, showcasing how they can help patients afford their medications. Munroe was engaged to develop arresting 60 second, 30 second and 15 second animated videos that would engage waiting room audiences and drive mobile app downloads.

To address the broad demographics who, because of the linkage to the United Way, would be exposed to this message, Munroe worked closely with our animator to develop 31 final versions of the videos, inclusive of English, Spanish and French language solutions and direct response tracking URLs.

The videos have just begun airing in the health care providers’ waiting room offices, and we are excited to track and optimize the results!

New Work: QuickChek Mac & Cheese Video

October 1, 2018 at 10:02 pm

QuickChek Mac & Cheese Video

A leading fresh convenience retailer serving the Central New Jersey and Metro New York communities, QuickChek is known for fresh and delicious subs, salads and sandwiches, great-tasting coffee and quality fuel.

During the late summer of 2018, QuickChek introduced a new Mac & Cheese product line with signature recipes. All recipes start with the Classic; tender pasta shells smothered in a decadent white cheddar cheese sauce. Customers can add toppings like pot roast, meatballs and marinara, or spicy Buffalo chicken for Mac & Cheese that’s delicious any time of the day.

Uniquely, QuickChek also introduced a signature breakfast Mac & Cheese line. This classic comfort food mash up features classic Mac & Cheese with scrambled eggs and a choice of sausage or bacon. As with the best mashups, it’s crazy enough that it’s actually brilliant!

In order to generate awareness of the new product line and educate customers about the possibilities for customization, Munroe developed a :30s video for use in precisely targeted social media campaigns. This combination of irresistible creative and smart media targeting is designed to both increase traffic and sales and further elevate QuickChek’s fresh brand positioning.

The campaign launched in September 2018 and early results are strong …check back soon for results!

New Work: The Nest at 1324

August 30, 2018 at 2:55 pm


Leveraging a Robust Digital Media & Brand Ambassador Strategy to Lease a Luxury Student Housing Building in Philadelphia

The Nest at 1324 is a luxury off-campus student housing building near Temple University. Designed by renowned Cecil Baker, this building offers students a more luxurious living option.

Munroe was engaged to develop a brand, leasing materials, website and marketing strategy, within a 6 month time frame, before leasing began. With a goal to lease the 192 units before the end of the 2018, Munroe developed a 4-month integrated marketing strategy, with a heavy use of digital media and brand ambassadors. From a digital standpoint, Munroe developed and tested a digital campaign that will launch across website retargeting, behavioral targeting and Temple specific venues. Additionally, various SEM campaigns will be employed to target students and parents seeking Fall 2019 housing.

A unique brand ambassador campaign, led by Temple students, will also creating buzz and supporting the lease up efforts. Brand ambassadors will promote the property via social media as well as at Temple events.

Check back soon for results of these efforts!

New Work: Sycamore at Tyvola Apartments Branding and Messaging

June 22, 2018 at 10:24 am

There’s no place like home.

Sycamore at Tyvola is a unique multi-family apartment community developed by Switzenbaum & Associates – offering all of the comforts and conveniences of urban living, with a full range of amenities and management services. As a new development site in North Carolina, Switzenbaum needed help creating a comprehensive marketing and branding platform that attracts potential residents ranging from young professionals to empty nesters.

Munroe jumped at the opportunity to showcase our messaging, branding and design expertise by creating marketing assets to generate buzz and excitement around the 288-unit property, while increasing foot traffic to the leasing center.

First, we designed the brand logo and created a fresh, clean color palette that reflects the natural surroundings of the property. Next, we developed messaging that emphasized the unparalleled living experience of Sycamore by highlighting the convenient and accessible location, its unique footprint in the Charlotte area, superior lifestyle amenities and the peace of mind that comes with this gated, elevator building community.

After ensuring all messaging touch points were consistent and on brand with the client’s vision, we implemented a creative marketing plan, which involved designing print collateral for the leasing center. This included: stationary, brochures, exterior signage, flyers, direct mail and promotional items.

The most important marketing asset we developed was the leasing website. Munroe conceptualized, wrote and designed a simple, user-friendly website that expanded upon the established brand identity. The website features a sleek, yet inviting design that is mobile-friendly and includes a virtual tour video and interactive design-your-home tool to increase overall interest and engagement in the property.

In the end, all of the pieces came together to create a cohesive branding experience designed to make residents feel right at home.

Sycamore at Tyvola is currently open for tours and pre-leasing opportunities.

Puppy Love at the Munroe Creative Yappy Hour

October 13, 2017 at 11:05 am



And we called it Puppy Love!

Yappy Hour, an Open House event sponsored by Munroe Creative Partners last week, was a howling success. Puppies from Hemlock Edge Rescue found homes and the rescue received generous donations from over 100 guests.

Hot Diggity Dog!

Click HERE for more information and photos on Philly Style!

Philadelphia Business Journal Gets Personal with Judy Munroe!

October 2, 2017 at 8:49 am

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 8.51.52 AMExtra, extra! Read all about it!

Munroe Creative Partners’ founder and CEO, Judy Munroe graces the pages of the Philadelphia Business Journal in an exclusive one-on-one interview. From her humble beginnings as a Perkin’s Pancake House waitress to managing a team of 23 dedicated and talented employees, her continued success (and jaw-dropping shoe collection) is a testament to her philosophy of working hard and living in the now.

While Judy says she embraces all of the good fortune that has happened in her life, we are truly the fortunate ones.

Read the full article here.

Philly Ad Club & Woodrow Wilson Middle School

July 17, 2017 at 5:09 pm


Partnering with the Philly Ad Club Teens Program since September, Mike Licata, Brianna Minko and Andrea McKeffery have been spending one day a month as volunteers at Woodrow Wilson Middle School.

The Munroe group began each class teaching the students about the exciting world of advertising, starting with learning the basics of a brand, types of advertising and the many career possibilities.

“Coming in day one was a bit intimidating. Our students, at first, were a bit reluctant to participate and we spent too much time lecturing them. But we realized if we let them speak, they loved sharing their (great) ideas and they were really inspiring. And if all else fails, bring in munchkins!” – Brianna Minko

After we set a solid foundation and understanding of the industry, we challenged the students to develop creative for a billboard that sold their school.

The student’s billboards and ideas were so inspiring, we asked them to take it a step further and develop a 30 second TV spot. Through this experience, the students developed a tagline “Together we create the future,” a storyboard and script.

To bring their vision to life, we partnered with Clay Hereth the founder of a local production/film company and spent a full day in the school filming. The students led the entire initiative, from planning the day and confirming locations, to starring in the film.

Following a film preview at the school, the students and Munroe team took the short journey to the Philadelphia School District to share their experience and present the film in front of eight other participating schools.

About Philly Ad Club Teens

The Philly Ad Club Educational Foundation TEENS Program is in partnership with the School District of Philadelphia where more than 65 volunteers from the professional ranks within the Greater Philadelphia Communications Industry conduct class sessions with students each month from September through June. Specific schools are selected in the summer of each year and teams are formed with volunteers who prepare lesson plans to be used throughout the upcoming school year. The students impacted are on track for completing both high school and college.

If you are interested in being a mentor for this program contact with a “Yes for TEENS” message.

Young Scholars Charter School Lunch & Learn

June 20, 2017 at 9:53 am


If there’s one thing we love more than lunch, it’s learning from the bright and brilliant minds of the future! On June 2, 2017, Munroe Creative Partners had the pleasure of hosting a “Lunch & Learn” for 21 Young Scholar Charter School students. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give back to the Philadelphia community by donating our time to share our experiences and expertise in the fast and growing field of branding and advertising.

During this two-hour session, Judy Munroe (President & Founder), Michael Licata (Chief Creative Officer), Brianna Minko (Project Manager), Andrea McKeffery (Project Coordinator) and Carolyn Billey (Accounting Manager) helped the students explore the wonderful world of advertising and the many career paths it offers. These creative students heard from self-made experts in their fields, who achieved both their professional and entrepreneurial dreams. The Munroe team also challenged the students’ advertising knowledge by discussing the types of advertising they see in their daily lives including print, digital and broadcasting.

We also had a sweet surprise guest! Steven Dorecelien, founder of Bright Yellow Creamery in West Philadelphia, was invited to share his entrepreneurial success story. Lucky for our students, he also needed volunteers to help taste-test his latest ice cream flavor – Lemon and Honey!

To conclude the event, Munroe unveiled the new branding for the Young Scholars Charter School, including a logo, tagline and positioning statement. Check out the new brand here!

We had a blast hosting these young, gifted students in our office and encouraging them to dream big when it comes achieving their goals. We hope to be a source of inspiration and a shining example that with hard work, dedication and true Philly grit, your dreams can come true. We look forward to hosting another event in the future!

New Work: Reel Fish Coastal Kitchen & Bar Brand Development

March 27, 2017 at 3:36 pm


One fish, two fish, red fish, Reel Fish.

With a 25-year track record of developing successful restaurant concepts nationwide, owner and restaurateur Fred Thimm sought help in creating the initial branding for his latest eatery–Reel Fish Coastal Kitchen & Bar.

A contemporary version of a traditional Southern “fish camp,” Reel Fish delivers fresh, seasonal fish sustainably sourced from the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Always up for a challenge, Munroe jumped at the opportunity to bring this modern spin on a downhome classic to life.

Already well aware of our work on refreshing the brand experience of the iconic Hard Rock Café, as well as our experience in creating brand identities for Copeland’s, The Palm and Stoney River steakhouse, Fred knew of the type of expertise and attention to detail Munroe would reel in to this project.

To capture the authenticity of a “fish camp” while also elevating the dining experience, we developed a simple brand identity that embodied the feeling of a relaxed, yet passionate, coastal restaurant.

Serving as the foundation for all accompanying touchpoints, this framework allowed us to create a cohesive brand experience–from the menus, coasters, and signage to the interior experience, including a feature mural in the dining room.

Each component of the creative was designed to capture the friendly, approachable nature of the restaurant while communicating the freshness and quality of the food and drink. The tonality of the messaging stayed true to the fun, free and casual atmosphere of dining seaside.

To further strengthen the brand and raise awareness of this new restaurant concept, we created a responsive website with integrated reservation functionality. By creating a bold, seamless online experience in tandem with other deliverables, the Reel Fish brand promise was truly brought to life.

In the end, we brought the essence of a traditional Southern “fish camp” into the 21st century while bringing the client’s vision to life. Needless to say, we had a whale of a time.

New Work: NewCourtland Senior Services

September 28, 2016 at 1:15 pm



An organization with roots reaching back all the way to the Civil War; NewCourtland was formed in 1995 after the sale of Presbyterian Hospital to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania health system, with a mission to serve the changing health needs of seniors.

After nearly two decades of expansion and the establishment of education and scholarship programs in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape, NewCourtland wanted to communicate to seniors, their families and the community that it is an organization that offers services beyond those found in traditional nursing homes. It helps seniors “age in place,” so that they may live as independently as possible, for as long as possible.

Working closely with the leadership team at NewCourtland, Munroe developed a 20th anniversary campaign to help them celebrate and recognize all of their incredible achievements over the past two decades.

The campaign included a 20th anniversary logo and tagline, a series of posters, an interactive microsite named “Touchstones” and a celebratory event. The Touchstones microsite chronicled the organization’s great history and milestones, internal and external communications, and culminated in a high-profile event with an interactive 20th anniversary exhibition.