Social: It’s like Instagram, only prettier.

January 16, 2014 at 11:10 am


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Fleck, a new iPhone app, has a lot in common with the uber popular Instagram, giving users the ability to take photos, apply filters and view others’ photos. What you probably won’t find on Fleck, though is an abundance of selfies, which was unanimously declared “word of the year” by Oxford Dictionaries. Instead, Fleck offers a community where viewers can view photos by topics, such as Abstract Architecture, Patterns, and Typography, which can prove to have some pretty interesting inspiration. Instead of relying on hashtags or navigating the vast visual world of Pinterest, the specialized communities are already established. In a limitless world of social networks, from Pinterest to FourSquare to Facebook to Instagram, perhaps Fleck will find its own niche as it creates its own unique communities within.

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Image from Fleck.