New Work: Widener University

July 16, 2014 at 11:13 am

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Founded in 1821, Widener University has solidified its standing as a preeminent institution for higher learning. But despite its distinguished legacy, Widener, like so many other private universities, was faced with dwindling enrollment figures as a result of the nation’s weakened economy. To make matters worse, Widener’s location was struggling to overcome a reputation for crime.

To combat these mounting challenges, Widener needed a reimagined image, reinforced by expert, creative advertising and marketing solutions. That’s why their public relations firm enlisted help from Munroe Creative Partners. We collaborated to develop a high-profile ad campaign, featuring print and digital advertising via television and outdoor signage.

The campaign focused on the resulting benefits of earning a degree from Widener. The “Widener Leadership Works” mantra—developed by their PR agency, Brian Communications—emphasized the University’s success in career placement. By prioritizing its students’ ultimate destinations over Widener’s specific location, the campaign positioned the University as an academic leader in both Philadelphia and the nation.

Our creative proved to make a far-reaching impact on enrollment. The fall semester following the campaign’s launch saw the largest freshman class in history, increasing from 730 to 840. “Likely to apply” increased to 25% from 11%, applications increased by 12%, and enrollment was up across the board.

We were initially overwhelmed by the campaign’s staggering quantitative results and Widener’s impressive turnaround. However, nothing pleased us more than creating work that instilled a lasting impression and immeasurable pride in Widener’s faculty, staff, board members and students.