A Creative Treatment for Modern Medicine

August 16, 2014 at 11:23 am

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Due to the recent and ongoing reform of healthcare, complex challenges are increasingly compounded for providers, hospitals and health systems, insurers and even enterprises. Veteran healthcare innovator Continuum Health Alliance recognized that many of the efficiencies being mandated by healthcare reform were actually best practices they had been developing and executing as part of their business model for more than 15 years. They also realized that, because of this deep expertise, they were uniquely situated to provide next-generation solutions for population health management. Continuum looked to us for a holistic branding remedy.

To usher in a new brand for the new era at Continuum, we planned and executed a modern, comprehensive approach, diving headfirst into Continuum’s world of “platform as services” healthcare solutions.

In the early stages of our assignment, we learned that Continuum was slated to make an appearance at a fast-approaching Population Health conference at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. While the conference was only weeks away, the opportunity was too great to not have some essential brand assets in place to support and enhance the conference appearance.

Thanks to no shortage of collaboration or coffee, we reprioritized our activities to ensure the delivery of a powerful and impactful microsite and direct mail piece in time for the important event. Once delivered, we leveraged the microsite design, content and programming and transitioned those assets into a full website, complete with case studies, multiple landing pages, valuable resources and lead generation.

Over the course of the engagement, we effectively refreshed a diverse range of advertising and marketing collaterals, including online and offline collateral, direct mail and HR materials.

Needless to say, Continuum’s rebrand proved to be a breakout success, as each facet of their new image struck a balance between the disciplines of business and medicine. But above all else, the brand successfully champions the brilliance of Continuum’s innovative platform, as well as the human intelligence of the 400+ real people who make it possible.