New Work: NAXION

September 16, 2014 at 11:39 am

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Back in 1911, around the same time that IBM and General Motors originated, so too did National Analysts Worldwide, a provider of business decisions based on an exceptional integration of advanced research methods and target industry perspectives. More than a century later, that company needed to build a new brand to communicate relevancy, project a contemporary image and showcase its newly appointed name, NAXION.

A testament to their business knowhow, NAXION turned to longtime partner Munroe for help in creating a new brand to accompany its new name. Influenced by interviews with key stakeholders, we developed the NAXION brand identity and logo to be equally current and progressive.

To reflect those changes and maximize brand adherence and cohesion, we redesigned all of NAXION’s collateral. This included the translation of NAXION’s stationery suite, internal communications, trade show materials, folders, PowerPoint presentations and videos. At the same time, we worked to develop a robust, yet deceivingly simple, website with intuitive navigation, emblematic imagery and smart lead generation.

We also worked with NAXION to build internal and external awareness by developing visually compelling communications that introduced the new brand to clients and staff. Finally, we designed a print advertising campaign that was strategically placed in select publications. Through these combined transformations, we ultimately helped NAXION apply a fresh brand experience to its new name.