New Work: University of the Arts

February 16, 2015 at 9:04 am

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Fittingly located in Philadelphia’s historic theater district, University of the Arts (UArts) is one of the nation’s oldest and most recognized universities specializing in creative disciplines. But to carry its impressive reputation into the future, UArts recently opted to abandon its more conventional image in favor of adopting a strikingly brave and defiant brand.

The first application of the newly established brand was for the Continuing Studies program. Munroe Creative Partners was enlisted to both refresh the creative for the course catalogues and find ways to enable increased participation and enrollment across the program. In doing so, we determined that the new brand would be best expressed by segmenting the Continuing Studies program’s offerings across two autonomous publications—one for enrichment courses and a second exclusively for certificate programs.

Both pieces were developed to achieve different objectives, which is evident in their executions. The enrichment course catalogue combines value-driven messaging with eccentric design, communicating affordability and pleasure. In contrast, the certificate program catalogue prioritizes opportunistic, career-centric language and a bold, yet professional approach to design.

Ultimately, we succeeded in delivering two handsome, independent catalogues that effectively showcased UArts as a respected and accessible leader in continuing education for the arts—for creative professionals and art enthusiasts alike.