New Work: 500 Walnut

May 30, 2015 at 9:25 am


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Praised by The New York Times and Condé Nast Traveler as a world-class destination for shopping and traveling, Philadelphia is increasingly the place to call home. Anticipating the desirability of Philadelphia among high net worth individuals and professionals long before anyone else, Tom Scannapieco conceived of and built the city’s first truly ultra luxury residences, 1706 Rittenhouse. Now, on the heals of that tremendous success, Scannapieco Development has followed up with the introduction of 500 Walnut, a $180 million, 26-story condominium tower, poised at the threshold of history with a breathtaking views of Independence Hall.

Although occupancy is slated for Spring 2017, 500 Walnut is already revered as a crown jewel of Philadelphia’s residential landscape—and Munroe Creative Partners helped make it happen. Tasked with creating an identity as emblematic as the tower it would embody, we started with a logo. Its design was executed to harmoniously compliment the elegant and modern architectural renderings of 500 Walnut, as well as Scannapieco’s existing brand.

Guided by those same principles, we proceeded to develop messaging to inform the design of 500 Walnut’s website and the invitation for its interactive groundbreaking event. To do so, we identified the amenities that will set 500 Walnut apart, including its fully automated parking garage, sprawling tree top terrace and its location at “the beachfront of what is arguably the most sacred acre in the United States,” as asserted by Architect Cecil Baker. Using those attributes as the contextual foundation of our efforts to help drive condominium sales, we successfully engineered a responsive, user-friendly website, as well as an interactive event invitation with embedded video.

Immediately following the brand’s rollout, a wave of media and industry attention turned to 500 Walnut. Its exquisite finishes and unmatched privacy even led some to speculate that pop icons Beyoncé and Jay Z had purchased a 500 Walnut penthouse. While that rumor has been widely discredited, the Philly landmark-to-be is garnering interest from an unprecedented number of future residents who are attracted to the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, not to mention the privacy, elegance and grace uniquely offered by 500 Walnut. In May, a full two years before the project is set to be completed, the property had already achieved over $80 million in sales!