M(u/o)nroe is influencing everyone!

May 18, 2016 at 9:54 am


As the unofficial mascot for Munroe Creative Partners, Marilyn Monroe serves as more than a reminder of our homophonic namesake. Her lasting popularity fittingly reflects the attributes of timeless branding, (along with Judy’s enduring belief that blondes have more fun!)

Monroe’s far-reaching impact is most recently evidenced by the forthcoming façade of Two Penn Plaza, a 32-floor office complex adjacent to Penn Station. The high-rise’s fresh facelift was inspired by a memorable moment from “The Seven Year Itch.” In the film, Monroe is famously portrayed in a billowing white dress, upheaved by the gust from a subway grate. In addition to adorning the walls of dorm rooms across America, that iconic depiction will soon be immortalized in curvaceous panels of glass that appear to defy the laws of gravity.

Just a 10-minute walk from our office in SoHo, the entryway is planned to be 85-feet high, with 65 feet extending into the sidewalk, giving Seventh Avenue onlookers endless opportunities to be astonished by the whimsical structure and reminded of its inspiration. CEO of Vornado Reality Trust and owner of Two Penn Plaza, Steve Roth, believes that his building’s new addition will not only serve as an entryway, but also a landmark, destined to “become world famous and a symbol of New York.”

Like the memory of Marilyn, we feel subtly honored by this development, which is evocative of our connections to the blonde beauty we celebrate and an industry we love—real estate. Munroe Creative Partners has been lucky enough to develop work on behalf of numerous architectural wonders, including Philadelphia’s 500 Walnut and 211 Mount Airy Road. Both buildings bare structural similarities to Two Penn Plaza, as they are largely composed of the same medium: Panels of gleaming glass. Somehow, it is the properties of glass that add immediate notoriety to these buildings. And if their esteemed positioning serves as any indicator, Two Penn Plaza is poised to influence real estate enthusiasts, Marilyn Monroe fans and, of course, Munroe Creative Partners, for many years to come!