Young Scholars Charter School Lunch & Learn

June 20, 2017 at 9:53 am


If there’s one thing we love more than lunch, it’s learning from the bright and brilliant minds of the future! On June 2, 2017, Munroe Creative Partners had the pleasure of hosting a “Lunch & Learn” for 21 Young Scholar Charter School students. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give back to the Philadelphia community by donating our time to share our experiences and expertise in the fast and growing field of branding and advertising.

During this two-hour session, Judy Munroe (President & Founder), Michael Licata (Chief Creative Officer), Brianna Minko (Project Manager), Andrea McKeffery (Project Coordinator) and Carolyn Billey (Accounting Manager) helped the students explore the wonderful world of advertising and the many career paths it offers. These creative students heard from self-made experts in their fields, who achieved both their professional and entrepreneurial dreams. The Munroe team also challenged the students’ advertising knowledge by discussing the types of advertising they see in their daily lives including print, digital and broadcasting.

We also had a sweet surprise guest! Steven Dorecelien, founder of Bright Yellow Creamery in West Philadelphia, was invited to share his entrepreneurial success story. Lucky for our students, he also needed volunteers to help taste-test his latest ice cream flavor – Lemon and Honey!

To conclude the event, Munroe unveiled the new branding for the Young Scholars Charter School, including a logo, tagline and positioning statement. Check out the new brand here!

We had a blast hosting these young, gifted students in our office and encouraging them to dream big when it comes achieving their goals. We hope to be a source of inspiration and a shining example that with hard work, dedication and true Philly grit, your dreams can come true. We look forward to hosting another event in the future!