Philly Ad Club & Woodrow Wilson Middle School

July 17, 2017 at 5:09 pm


Partnering with the Philly Ad Club Teens Program since September, Mike Licata, Brianna Minko and Andrea McKeffery have been spending one day a month as volunteers at Woodrow Wilson Middle School.

The Munroe group began each class teaching the students about the exciting world of advertising, starting with learning the basics of a brand, types of advertising and the many career possibilities.

“Coming in day one was a bit intimidating. Our students, at first, were a bit reluctant to participate and we spent too much time lecturing them. But we realized if we let them speak, they loved sharing their (great) ideas and they were really inspiring. And if all else fails, bring in munchkins!” – Brianna Minko

After we set a solid foundation and understanding of the industry, we challenged the students to develop creative for a billboard that sold their school.

The student’s billboards and ideas were so inspiring, we asked them to take it a step further and develop a 30 second TV spot. Through this experience, the students developed a tagline “Together we create the future,” a storyboard and script.

To bring their vision to life, we partnered with Clay Hereth the founder of a local production/film company and spent a full day in the school filming. The students led the entire initiative, from planning the day and confirming locations, to starring in the film.

Following a film preview at the school, the students and Munroe team took the short journey to the Philadelphia School District to share their experience and present the film in front of eight other participating schools.

About Philly Ad Club Teens

The Philly Ad Club Educational Foundation TEENS Program is in partnership with the School District of Philadelphia where more than 65 volunteers from the professional ranks within the Greater Philadelphia Communications Industry conduct class sessions with students each month from September through June. Specific schools are selected in the summer of each year and teams are formed with volunteers who prepare lesson plans to be used throughout the upcoming school year. The students impacted are on track for completing both high school and college.

If you are interested in being a mentor for this program contact with a “Yes for TEENS” message.