New Work: QuickChek Mac & Cheese Video

October 1, 2018 at 10:02 pm

QuickChek Mac & Cheese Video

A leading fresh convenience retailer serving the Central New Jersey and Metro New York communities, QuickChek is known for fresh and delicious subs, salads and sandwiches, great-tasting coffee and quality fuel.

During the late summer of 2018, QuickChek introduced a new Mac & Cheese product line with signature recipes. All recipes start with the Classic; tender pasta shells smothered in a decadent white cheddar cheese sauce. Customers can add toppings like pot roast, meatballs and marinara, or spicy Buffalo chicken for Mac & Cheese that’s delicious any time of the day.

Uniquely, QuickChek also introduced a signature breakfast Mac & Cheese line. This classic comfort food mash up features classic Mac & Cheese with scrambled eggs and a choice of sausage or bacon. As with the best mashups, it’s crazy enough that it’s actually brilliant!

In order to generate awareness of the new product line and educate customers about the possibilities for customization, Munroe developed a :30s video for use in precisely targeted social media campaigns. This combination of irresistible creative and smart media targeting is designed to both increase traffic and sales and further elevate QuickChek’s fresh brand positioning.

The campaign launched in September 2018 and early results are strong …check back soon for results!