Girard Brand Launch

January 23, 2019 at 4:55 pm

New Brand Launch: We Welcome You To Meet Girard.

Girard is a full-service wealth advisory firm, backed by the strength and stability of Univest, providing independent advice and solutions to help clients’ meet their investing and planning goals. Following the acquisition of Girard in 2018, we worked with the Univest and Girard teams to create and launch the new brand.

With a vibrant visual identity and accessible brand tone, we positioned Girard as a different kind of leader in wealth management, while remaining faithful to the energy, strength, and stability of the Univest brand.

Visually, we connected the two entities through complementary typography and circular design elements, but the Girard brand evolves Univest’s established style in new and interesting ways. The logo represents Girard’s holistic view of the client’s lives and creates a feeling of progress and upward motion. The brush style line art represents the personal touch that Girard offers its clients.

Marketing pieces portray professionalism but also openness, as there is a warmth and humanness that accompanies Girard’s promise of providing the strategies to achieve clients’ financial and life goals. Conversation and storytelling are important parts of the Girard brand, and collateral aims to convey Girard’s mission – focusing on what clients value, instead of what they’re worth.

View more of our work for Girard here.