Girard Brand Launch

January 23, 2019 at 4:55 pm

New Brand Launch: We Welcome You To Meet Girard.

Girard is a full-service wealth advisory firm, backed by the strength and stability of Univest, providing independent advice and solutions to help clients’ meet their investing and planning goals. Following the acquisition of Girard in 2018, we worked with the Univest and Girard teams to create and launch the new brand.

With a vibrant visual identity and accessible brand tone, we positioned Girard as a different kind of leader in wealth management, while remaining faithful to the energy, strength, and stability of the Univest brand.

Visually, we connected the two entities through complementary typography and circular design elements, but the Girard brand evolves Univest’s established style in new and interesting ways. The logo represents Girard’s holistic view of the client’s lives and creates a feeling of progress and upward motion. The brush style line art represents the personal touch that Girard offers its clients.

Marketing pieces portray professionalism but also openness, as there is a warmth and humanness that accompanies Girard’s promise of providing the strategies to achieve clients’ financial and life goals. Conversation and storytelling are important parts of the Girard brand, and collateral aims to convey Girard’s mission – focusing on what clients value, instead of what they’re worth.

View more of our work for Girard here.

The Wanamaker Building Brand Refresh

January 17, 2019 at 11:06 am

The Wanamaker Building, a landmark destination here in Philadelphia, has historically been known as “the Macy’s building” due to its 100-year retail history. With upcoming office space available for lease, the building needed to reclaim its identity and change perceptions to retain existing tenants and attract prospective creative/tech firms.

To achieve this, we positioned the brand as a space that inspires across our print collateral and social media channels. In tandem with our rebranding efforts, the Wanamaker team added extensive upgrades and renovations to the lobby as well as other areas of the building to create a more modern, inviting and inspiring feel. Click HERE to view the work.

In addition to traditional and digital marketing, the brand is at the heart of the physical building itself. Nowhere is this more evident than the brand new tenant lobby with the brand carved into marble and showcased on the impressive 350sf media wall, inspiring lighting design and sparkling twin escalators. This refreshed, contemporary aesthetic, combined with the breathtaking historic details and architecture create a space that tenants can walk into every day and feel inspired.

This rebrand conveys to the world that the new-and-improved Wanamaker Building is proud to embrace it’s past while inspiring future generations of innovators and creative thinkers.

Check @thewanamakerofficebuilding out on Instagram to see before and after photos of the lobby. As always, you’re more than welcome to visit in person!

New Work: FamilyWize Waiting Room Video

November 29, 2018 at 2:37 pm

Since 2005, FamilyWize has been dedicated to helping improve the health and well-being of their uninsured/under insured customers nationwide by providing access to affordable prescription medication options through partnerships with community groups, health care providers and pharmacies.

Recently, FamilyWize had the opportunity to develop waiting room videos in partnership with United Way, showcasing how they can help patients afford their medications. Munroe was engaged to develop arresting 60 second, 30 second and 15 second animated videos that would engage waiting room audiences and drive mobile app downloads.

To address the broad demographics who, because of the linkage to the United Way, would be exposed to this message, Munroe worked closely with our animator to develop 31 final versions of the videos, inclusive of English, Spanish and French language solutions and direct response tracking URLs.

The videos have just begun airing in the health care providers’ waiting room offices, and we are excited to track and optimize the results!

New Work: The Nest at 1324

August 30, 2018 at 2:55 pm


Leveraging a Robust Digital Media & Brand Ambassador Strategy to Lease a Luxury Student Housing Building in Philadelphia

The Nest at 1324 is a luxury off-campus student housing building near Temple University. Designed by renowned Cecil Baker, this building offers students a more luxurious living option.

Munroe was engaged to develop a brand, leasing materials, website and marketing strategy, within a 6 month time frame, before leasing began. With a goal to lease the 192 units before the end of the 2018, Munroe developed a 4-month integrated marketing strategy, with a heavy use of digital media and brand ambassadors. From a digital standpoint, Munroe developed and tested a digital campaign that will launch across website retargeting, behavioral targeting and Temple specific venues. Additionally, various SEM campaigns will be employed to target students and parents seeking Fall 2019 housing.

A unique brand ambassador campaign, led by Temple students, will also creating buzz and supporting the lease up efforts. Brand ambassadors will promote the property via social media as well as at Temple events.

Check back soon for results of these efforts!