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July 10th, 2024

Q&A with Ken Gleason: Creative Director

A Brief Background

I grew up in Texas and headed to New York right out of school (Gig ‘Em Aggies!). I’ve been working with agencies big and small, in NYC, Boston, New Jersey and Philly ever since. Along the way, I co-founded what might have been one of the first experiential marketing companies, got married and raised three remarkable kids. 

If there was a headline that represented you and your life what would it be?

Anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Is there an advertising campaign that continues to inspire you?

I absolutely adore the Dr. Rick campaign from Progressive. “We can’t save you from becoming your parents…” They have maintained a very high bar across so many iterations.

Was there a moment in your career where you felt “Yes! This is exactly what I’m meant to be doing”?

Every single time we solve a difficult problem. When we solve it. When the client loves it. And when we get it out in the world intact.

What about writing and storytelling feels most crucial?

I think it’s important to remember that, regardless of the client or the industry, you’re talking to a human being.

How do you maintain a strong creative mindset?

Caffeine, for sure. But I also try to find things in the world that make me wonder, or fill me with wonder. In nature, in entertainment, everywhere. I saw the steel girder scaffolding holding up one of those giant billboards in Times Square the other day and was blown away by the thinking that went into making it safe and secure.

When the day and week are done, what do you enjoy spending your time doing?

Cliche, I know, but I really do enjoy hanging out with friends and family. Finding a great restaurant. Golf and hiking when I can. And travel. Love to explore the world.

What is the simplest thing that brings you tremendous joy?

My animals. Pets are always living in the moment. They remind me to try to do the same.

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