Continuum Health Alliance

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Continuum Health Alliance, a new paradigm for the practice of medicine, designs, implements and manages a next generation “platform as services” solutions and strategies that transform the practice of medicine.

 The problem:
Healthcare Reform presented multiple challenges to doctors, health systems and enterprises alike. With more than 15 years’ experience operationalizing solutions that improve the quality of patient care while reducing overall costs, Continuum Health Alliance was in prime position for exponential growth. However, to truly capitalize on the opportunity, the organization needed to refresh their brand and develop a messaging platform that communicates their unique and powerful proposition.

The solution:
After thorough review and analysis of Continuum’s day-to-day operations, Munroe developed a messaging platform to effectively position Continuum Health as a transformative platform-as-services organization. Munroe refreshed the company’s brand, creating a new identity and tagline. Munroe wrote and designed a new website that juxtaposed metaphorical imagery with Continuum’s senior leadership, striking an elegant balance that highlighted both the company’s real-world business intelligence and technological acumen. To further position the organization as a thought leader, Munroe created a compelling advertising campaign and B2B direct mail campaign.


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