The organization:
Headquartered in Philadelphia, Radian connects lenders, homebuyers, investors and loan servicers using a suite of private mortgage insurance and related risk management products and services. With over 40 years’ experience and 1,000+ employees worldwide, Radian is a true leader in the MI industry.

The problem:
The products, services and pricing surrounding private mortgage insurance were increasingly commoditizing. Radian needed to communicate what differentiated them from the competition and reaffirm its position as an industry leader.

After extensive interviews and research, Munroe discovered that what really separated Radian as a partner was the “passion” of its people. This passion is what drives the Radian team to be a true partner to their clients, and it is the unifying truth behind their belief that they are only successful when their clients are successful. While competitors can copy products, pricing, and to some extent marketing, Munroe understood that a competitor can never copy culture.

The solution:
Munroe created and launched “A Passion for Your Success”— a vibrant campaign showcasing how individual passions contributed to the Radian team’s dedication and passion for their clients’ success. The integrated campaign included print ads, videos, microsites, landing pages, email and direct mail, as well as customizable sales collaterals. In addition, Munroe developed a desktop calendar, featuring 24 Radian employees and their passions, which was distributed to both internal and external audiences.

The results:
The campaign was an instant hit across all audiences: clients, prospects, investor and internal audiences. Clients reported that the campaign helped reinforce their relationships with Radian team members, giving them assured confidence that they were working with a true partner. Launched in 2013, positive response to the campaign continued to grow throughout 2014, garnering a 83% year-over-year increase in engagement across digital.

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