New Work: Provident Bank

January 16, 2015 at 1:04 pm

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After offering full-service banking solutions to businesses, families and individuals throughout northern and central New Jersey for 175 years, it’s safe to say that Provident Bank is a well-grounded organization. But in today’s increasingly competitive, technology-driven financial landscape, Provident’s rich history wasn’t enough to uphold its modernity. To resolve this conflict, they banked on us for strategic, end-to-end rebranding.

While we understood the importance of preserving elements of the brand’s time-honored heritage, we also recognized its need to communicate that Provident is not just an exceedingly relevant bank, but is also a bank of the future. With that mission in mind, we worked alongside our partner, Brand Champs, to update its legacy beehive logo, which became the project’s centerpiece.

In addition to expressing Provident’s revitalized identity across internal and external property signage, printed collateral and multiple versions of the bank’s credit cards, Munroe acted as brand consultants. We coordinated with sign-makers and interior designers to create eye-catching signage and ensure a consistent “four walls” experience in all branches (or, as we like to call them, “stores.”). In doing so, we created a powerful and cohesive brand that Provident can retain for another 175 years!

New Work: Comcast NBCUniversal

January 1, 2015 at 12:58 pm

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Virtually unheard of among organizations of its size, Philadelphia’s own Comcast NBCUniversal—the nation’s largest video, high-speed Internet and phone provider—wanted to set a new precedent for corporate transparency. Rather than establishing arbitrary goals or making empty promises, they bravely decided to share a public, warts-and-all report, detailing the progress of their Diversity & Inclusion efforts.

To execute this project with the unwavering sensitivity and integrity it deserved, Comcast NBCUniversal turned to another forward-thinking, Philadelphia-born organization—Munroe Creative Partners. As a certified Woman-Owned Enterprise (WBE), we were especially honored to be tasked with such a meaningful assignment.

We proceeded with resolve, understanding that our solution needed to extend to all areas of the organization. Using the mantra “Seeing the bigger picture” as the project’s catalyst, we established a framework to communicate Diversity & Inclusion’s immense impact on the success and future of Comcast NBCUniversal.

Blending that powerful messaging with concise copy, bold design and humanizing photography that originated from a diverse range of sources, our visual solution helped to achieve our client’s objectives; it illustrated that the bigger picture—of innovation, passion and smart ideas—is encompassed by the individuals, communities and cultures of Comcast NBCUniversal.